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Mechanical repair services

Our company also includes the Production and Repair Base, which ensures the operational readiness of all the plant units of the "PNHZ" LLP , as well as third-party organizations. Taking into account the development strategy of Total Service LLP, the priority, which is to increase the market share of the presence, we are also ready to provide the following services:

- Repair of the mechanical part of industrial equipment and process units;

- Installation, repair and maintenance of lifting and transport equipment;

- Manufacturing of non-standard equipment and metal structures;

- Repair and maintenance of the pump-compressor equipment;

- Repair and maintenance of boiler-welding equipment;

- Repair and maintenance of plugs, as well as shut-off valves;

- Repair of metal-cutting machine tools;

- Machining of parts.

The technological equipment of the Repair-Mechanical Base includes: metalworking, thermal, lifting equipment, and equipment for chemical phosphating. Among the available technical equipment of our Company, we distinguish the following advanced machine tools:

- Stand system for dynamic balancing of the console of COMPACS pumps;

- Stand system for checking the condition of the COMPACS rolling bearings;

- Vertical lathe for repair of stop valves SM 750 and SOM 800;

- Test bench for painting the valves;

- Lathe coordinate-boring machine;

- Bench for the boring of springs;

- Screw-cutting lathe;

- Plasma cutting machine;

- Bending machine;

- Carousel;

- Grinding machine;

- Milling machine.

We are constantly working to increase the range of services provided, to improve the quality of work performed, to expand our production base and business.